S. Haines Co. specializes in remodeling and retrofitting existing facilities without halting production or servicing the public. Our highly skilled workforce has 30 years experience completing projects under difficult working conditions and very tight time schedules. Our safety record is exemplary and cleanliness is second to none. We prefer to meet with owners or project managers to fully understand their needs as well as ours so we can deliver a safe, quality, clean, and above all, on time project. From start to finish, whether it’s a large project or a simple section of sidewalk replacement, S. Haines Co. will give your project the attention to detail it deserves.

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Having 30 years of experience working in retail food stores, their supply chain warehouses and the industry in general, we understand that working nights, weekends and holidays is sometimes a necessity to meet the demands of our clients in a timely fashion. That means you can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week if emergencies or accidents occur. Cars drive into buildings, water mains break, sewers collapse and any other unforeseen incident that maintenance crews have to deal with; S. Haines Co. will be there to make the unforeseen a manageable situation. Owning our own equipment means we can respond in hours, not days.

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Foundation To Stamping

Being a full service concrete contractor, S. Haines Co. can go from installing foundations to stamping your new front entranceway to pouring freezer floor slab systems. Freezer floor slab systems have been a mainstay of our business for decades. Due to the unique areas freezers are needed, we have air purification systems (catalytic convertor) on a large portion of our equipment, which includes power buggies, mini-excavators, bobcats, troweling machines, and electric strike offs. Catalytic convertors will allow us to operate larger diesel equipment in operational facilities without risk of contamination to humans or product. This helps us build faster to get your freezer up and running in less time.
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